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        Current Project

        We have a mix of commercial, industrial and residential projects going on.
        Each project has its distinct identity and embraces modern technologies to deliver a delightful experience.
        Our projects are thoughtfully located in the best areas of the city for maximum growth, appreciation and value.

        Gawade Galaxy

        Location : Ravet, Pune

        Galaxy is surrounded with all facilities availabel at naerby palces like daily need shop, banks, and refreshment.
        Top-notch education facilities are also there in the vicinity.

        The project has easy acces from Mumbai-Pune bypass this reduces commute time from Hinjewadi, Wakad, Baner, Aundh. The strategic location in mukai chowk and starting of expressway, is a great option.

        COMPLETED Projects

        EMERALD Phase IV
        Location : Wakad, Pune
        Unique Enclave
        Location : Hadapsar, Pune
        Nakshatra Apartment
        Location : Akurdi, Pune
        EMERALD Phase III
        Location : Wakad, Pune
        EMERALD Phase I
        Location : Wakad, Pune
        Ganga Apartment
        Location : Akurdi, Pune
        EMERALD Phase II B
        Location : Wakad, Pune
        Vintage Project
        Location : Pimple Nilakh, Pune