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        Gawade Group of Companies excels in Real Estate, Industrial Constructions, Tower crane and Construction equipment rental business and a few other upcoming ventures in the digital world,

        For Gawade Construction Company (GCC), residential real estate is our flagship business and we aspire to help every family find their dream home in our projects. Having gathered experience at renowned construction houses under the guidance of prominent industry professionals in 1996, our promoters thought this was the right time to venture out towards a new horizon. That’s when we established the Gawade Construction Company (GCC). Today, we’re looking at new opportunities to build landmarks across the city and surge forward and upward for our customers, employees, stakeholders, and the nation.

        Real Estate

        Gawade Construction Company has been in the business of creating landmarks in and around Pune for more than three decades. Backed by superior construction quality, exceptional service and affordable projects, the company has built a reputation for itself in the real estate industry. With many residential and commercial projects to their credit, they continue to scale new heights of success with innovation, excellence and passion.


        GCC has played an integral role in the development of industrial spaces in the city. They have constructed many factories, warehouses and industrial sheds and hubs over the years as per customers’ requirements. Every industrial project under the brand name of GCC is synonymous with high security, excellent infrastructure and the most strategic locations. GCC is on the path to industrial progress with their keen attention to trends and competitive prices.


        GCC has a wide and rich experience in Project Management Consultancy and is gearing up for immense growth in this vertical.
        The company has successfully offered project management consultancy for over 1,00.000 sq. ft. area on Sus Road.
        Right from advising, planning to leading the way for execution, GCC ensures high-quality consultancy services at every stage.

        Current Projects

        We have a mix of commercial, industrial and residential projects going on. Each project has its distinct identity and embraces modern technologies to deliver a delightful experience. Our projects are thoughtfully located in the best areas of the city for maximum growth, appreciation and value.


        Location : Chennai SIPCOT
        Industrial Shed : 75000sq.ft.
        Gawade group’s professional team is all set to
        deliver this project well in time.


        Location : Ravet
        Galaxy at Ravet is a project brought to you by Gawade Realty LLP.
        The Project has spacious 2 BHK at affordable pricing.


        Location : Sus Road, Pune
        GCC is having Project Management Consulltancy for building admeasuring 1,00,000 sq. ft. of area on Sus Road.

        Our Clients

        Who Have Experienced the GCC Difference.

        We’ve built relationships with top clients in the country on the foundation of quality work and timely delivery.
        GCC is focused on transparent deals that results into a constantly growing list of clients.
        When are you joining the GCC family?

        Sq. Ft. Area Sold
        Residential Projects
        Industrial Projects
        Happy Clients

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