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        Gawade Construction Company, Business Driven with Passion.

        Gawade Construction Company Group was established in the year 1996 by Mr. Vilas Gawade, with a vision to make it large in the industry. GCC Group has been earning a name for itself in the industry and a place in the heart of every customer. It is recognized as a reliable and quality-assured company in the area of Residential Buildings & Bungalows.

        Later, it entered the Contracting & Industrial Construction activity. Today, the GCC Group has become a force to be reckoned. It already shows a promise of leapfrogging into the future! We hope you have a great experience of associating with us! We extend a warm welcome to you and be a part of our GCC family.


        To construct distinctive enterprises on the foundation of integrity and to incorporate it all with humanitarian bonding of social commitment.


        Our mission at Gawade Group is to strive for excellency by deploying best construction practices, innovation, leadership, skills to become reputable and trustworthy brand.

        Core Values
        • We believe - Together we prosper.
        • Hard Work & Individual Growth.
        • Merit Based Opportunity.
        • Maintaining Healthy Life & Work Balance.
        Core Purposes
        • To deliver Homes & not Houses where people will flourish & thus enhance community.
        • Giving best & unmatched results for all round satisfactions.
        • Cost effectiveness through continuous Technical up-gradation & Innovation.
        • Commitment: Once a project is undertaken, every effort is taken to ensure delivery is on schedule and of the highest quality, at times even bettering the client's expectations.
        • Ethical Practice: At GCC, there are no compromises. Whether it is at the time of initiating a project or looking for partners to complete one, we follow the highest ethical practices, and expect nothing lesser from our partners.
        • Transparency: There are no hidden conditions, no surprising delays, and most certainly no unexpected expenses. Clients are in the know at every step of the way.
        • Value for Money: Only after understanding the exact requirement of our clients, do we undertake projects, delivering what was needed - never less, but often, exceeding expectations.
        • Technical Soundness: We hire only the most experienced and skilled professionals, thus ensuring your project is backed by knowledge and expertise at all stages.
        Sq. Ft. Area Sold
        Residential Projects
        Industrial Projects
        Happy Clients

        The journey

        1990 - 2000

        2000 - 2010

        2010 - 2020

        1990 - 2000

        GCC laid the foundation for future growth and development and began new verticals to promote success and prosperity. In 1995, the company began Industrial Contracting and received a great response. In 1998, they ventured into civil machinery to assist real estate construction.

        2000 - 2010

        The new century came with new visions and dreams for GCC. Real estate construction began in full swing, and GCC’s brand name started finding its establishment in the market and industry. The company also started a tower crane rental service for construction companies.

        2010 - 2020

        In 2010, Unique Enclave was the first project to be launched in Hadapsar. In 2015, GCC promoted Emerald – a residential project in Wakad, while 2019 saw the rise of Galaxy in Ravet – their most premium project to date. With decades of construction management experience, we started Project Management Consultancy as well.